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The offshore wind farms could generate 9,700 direct and indirect jobs, Basu said at a press conference Friday, citing an earlier analysis of the projects' economic impact.
Ken Wolf, presiden to the Assateague Coastal Trust, said it isn't worth risking the community's economic fortunes on studies conducted in other states and countries.
Moving 24 miles offshore would leave his company only with enough room to raise three or so turbines, Rich added.These 23 winning numbers will be divided into 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, 10 special prizes and 10 consolation prizes.Wind's director for project development, said Friday he is working with Harris to address residents' concerns without having to move the turbines any farther offshore.In a typical study, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center analyzed more than 122,000 home sales within five miles of current or future turbine locations between 19The research showed slight evidence of a depression in price in the wake of a project's announcement but none after.The thing I think reasonable people would do is to look around and conduct a very thorough survey of visitors and property owners in the county., on Twitter @Jeremy_Cox, connect 1 commentemailmore, read or Share this story.So, translate your dream into toto 4d lucky number by our prediction service.