Vind stort

vind stort

Likewise the use of the French term ouragan is similarly discouraged as hurricane is in English, as it is typically reserved for tropical storms only.
A b "Impact of North Atlantic Oscillation on European Windstorms" (PDF).
37 During the Boxing Day Storm of 1998 the reactors at Hunterston B nuclear power station were shut down when power was lost, possibly due to arcing at pylons caused by salt spray from the sea.
Severe storms since 1950 edit North Sea flood of 1953 Considered to be the worst natural disaster of the 20th century both in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, claiming over 2,500 lives, including 133 lost when the car ferry MV Princess Victoria sank.At least 50 dead in western Europe storms External links edit.The term hurricane as applied to these storms is not in reference to the structurally different tropical cyclone of the same name, but to the hurricane strength of the wind on the Beaufort scale (winds 118 km/h or 73 mph).47 Also following Storm Angus the UK's National Grid launched an investigation into whether a ship's anchor damaged four of the eight cables of the Cross Channel high voltage interconnector, which would leave it only able to operate at half of its capacity until February.

This article is about storms crossing the Atlantic Ocean eastward and striking Europe.
En The purpose is to facilitate the rapid exchange of information during serious emergencies such as windstorms (becoming more frequent with climate change) and fire damage to forests when large quantities of timber are involved.
"Generator stängd vid Sosnovij Bor" (in Swedish).
De eksisterende strukturer er i opbrud og det er innovatører og iværksætteres chance.
24 The current jensens bøfhus gavekort udløb definition of severe gales (which warrants the issue of a weather warning) are repeated gusts of 70 mph (110 km/h) or more over inland areas.37 It was one of the greatest energy disruptions ever experienced by a modern developed country.15 million trees were uprooted in England.En The view was expressed that, in recent years, natural disasters such as violent windstorms and floods had been taking place more frequently because of climate changes.The strong wind phenomena intrinsic to European windstorms, that give rise to "damage footprints" at the surface, can be placed into three categories, namely the "warm jet the "cold jet and the "sting jet"."The Tay Bridge Disaster".Retrieved 20 December 2013.

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The highest gust of 117 knots (217 km/h) was recorded at Pointe du Raz in Brittany.
Part I: Main Features and Storm Track Characteristics of the Response".