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Sacked by the gavekort til oplevelser i odense Portuguese, it was little more than a village when, as New Salé, it was resettled by seventeenth-century Andalusian refugees.
Utilizziamo i cookie per fornire la migliore esperienza possibile sul nostro sito.In this revived form, however, it entered into an extraordinary period of international piracy and local autonomy.Come here for a walk and watch ships from all over the world come and.Oudaïa Gate of the kasbah, Bab er Rouah at the southwest edge of town, and the early stages of the.Museum of Moroccan Judaism, at the Museum of Moroccan Judaism you can learn about Moroccan Jews, their history and traditional artefacts.Wonderful for a romantic stroll or a good run, this green area features lush vegetation and palm-lined boulevards.

The cathedral has functioned both as a school and as a theatre.
Its minaret, with its 210 metres, is the world's tallest, and its floor is entirely glass-covered.
Read more View Do See on map.Marche Central, marche Central is a bustling market well worth a visit when rabatkode only you are in Casablanca.Its taken a few generations, but the city now seems comfortable with this weighty responsibility and, of late, has begun to promote itself as more than just a residence for the diplomatic and governmental corps.This eventually formed the basis of an independent Berber state, which reached its peak of influence in the eighth century, developing a code of government inspired by the Koran but adapted to Berber customs and needs.Salé has some of the most interesting historic and architectural monuments in the country, and the fact that the local economy does not depend on tourist money makes exploring these attractions a great deal more relaxed than cities like Fez and Marrakesh.Cinéma Rialto dates all the way back to the 1930s, making it one of the most suggestive cinemas for watching a film.

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