Give gave перевод

EnglishBut that does not mean that we should give up hope in the fight against cancer.
EnglishWhen you cancel your account, we'll give you the fax numbers for our payment processor.
EnglishAnd I'm going to work rabatter tivoli københavn you through this in a few slides here, give you an example of what this means.
You must concentrate and not give over to emotion.
The draft gave vind et efterskoleophold me a cold.EnglishI'm going to try to give you a little bit of a natural history of compassion and the golden rule.EnglishSo I'll just give you my message up front: Try not to go extinct.He gave her a big hug.Give that book.EnglishThe United States - a large country - each year, 7,000 mothers with HIV who give birth to a child.EnglishIt can give credit to sound decision-making, adding momentum to success.My nerves began to give.The lock did not give.Will you give over moaning?

Please give me some milk.
He gave me the letter.
Give him my best wishes.English Give more than 50 users access to the same spreadsheet at a time.God give you joy!The sun gives light.I give over classified documents, I go to jail.Isn't it every man's dream to give over 49 of his company to a hostile conglomerate?Give your nose a good blow.Give my love to Mary.

EnglishAnd they say it can give new significance and clarity and meaning to a person's life.